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Petere Nickeas Photo

First Stop: Chicago Violence

Covering Chicago Crime from the Front Lines

In a Q&A with The Red Line Project's Scott Sutton, Chicago Tribune reporter Peter Nickeas talks about covering overnight crimes and gun violence in the city. Related:

Photo: Peter Nickeas reports from a crime scene. (Photo courtesy Peter Nickeas)

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Neighbor Carts Photo

Second Stop: Wilson

Neighbor Carts Work to Fill Gaps in Food Deserts

Food carts have been around for centuries. But a new approach -- with many located off Red Line stops -- is bringing fresh food to those who need it the most.

Photo: Fruit stacked up on a Neighbor Cart. (Photo/Gabriel Charles Tyler)

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Gov. Pat Quinn Photo

Third Stop: Election 2014

Tracking the 2014 Illinois Midterm Elections

After one of the lowest voter turnouts for a primary, the Illinois governor's race is already the costliest in state history. Our Data/Chicago team analyzes the key races and issues. Related:

Photo: Gov. Pat Quinn, who is trailing in the polls. (Photo/Emily Brosious)

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