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Jackson Park Photo

First Stop: Chicago 3.0

Jackson Park Getting $12 Million Eco-Makeover

In the fourth installment of our Chicago 3.0 series, we look at a Jackson Park eco-restoration project that's kicking off in December and the soft launch of Maggie Daley Park downtown.

Photo: The project will reshape Jackson Park's landscape. (Photo/Michael Bussey)

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Montrose Beach Chicago Photo

Second Stop: 63rd Street

Study: Montrose, South Shore Beaches Worst for Contamination

A Natural Resources Defense Council study lists Montrose and South Shore beaches as the city's worst offenders for water bacteria contamination. In both cases, 31 percent of water samples taken from Montrose and South Shore exceeded the Beach Action Value, a protective threshold issued by the EPA. Related:

Photo: Montrose Beach is one of three dog beaches in the city. (Photo/Sadé Carpenter)

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Barack Obama Photo

Third Stop: The Economy

Obama Touts Economic Progress During Northwestern Speech

President Obama finished his two-day swing through Chicago with a speech on the economy at Northwestern University. The 54-minute talk touched on minimum wage, Obamacare, student debt, equitable salaries and entrepreneurship.

Photo: President Obama at Northwestern's Cahn auditorium. (Photo/Scott Sutton)

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