Montrose Beach Chicago Photo

First Stop: Wilson

Study: Montrose, South Shore Beaches Worst for Contamination

A Natural Resources Defense Council study lists Montrose and South Shore beaches as the city's worst offenders for water bacteria contamination. In both cases, 31 percent of water samples taken from Montrose and South Shore exceeded the Beach Action Value, a protective threshold issued by the EPA. Related:

Photo: Montrose Beach is one of three dog beaches in the city. (Photo/Sadé Carpenter)

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Neighbor Carts Photo

Second Stop: Wilson

Neighbor Carts Work to Fill Gaps in Food Deserts

Food carts have been around for centuries. But a new approach -- with many located off Red Line stops -- is bringing fresh food to those who need it the most.

Photo: Fruit stacked up on a Neighbor Cart. (Photo/Gabriel Charles Tyler)

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Wilson Red Line El Stop Photo

Third Stop: Wilson

Construction Looms, but Uptown Ready for Wilson Stop 

In the third in a series of stories on the changing landscape of Chicago, we look at what a renovated Wilson El stop would mean to Uptown businesses and residents.

Photo: The Wilson stop is ready to be torn down. (Photo/Geoffrey Clark)

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