Hancock Tower Tilt Chicago Photo

First Stop: Mobile/Chicago

Google Glass: Tilt Gives a New Perspective on City

What's it like to be scared of heights and ride Chicago's new Tilt at the Hancock Tower? Jakub Rudnik shows us, #throughglass. Related:

Photo: Yes, you're 94 floors up. (Photo/Jakub Rudnik)

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Chicago Homicides Map Icon

Second Stop: Data/Chicago

Data Visualizations and Infographics

Our team of reporters and editors take you on a tour of Chicago by the numbers: maps, data analysis, infographics and even a fun timeline or two. Related:

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Damaged Chicago Bike Path Photo

Third Stop: Clark/Division

Lakefront Bike Path Takes a Beating from Waves, Flooding

Cyclists, walkers and runners negotiated some rough terrain this weekend on the lakefront bike path between Oak Street Beach and Fullerton Avenue. Friday's storms and large waves from Lake Michigan did damage to the path.

Photo: Some of the worst damage to the bike path was at Oak Street Beach. (Photo/Mike Reilley)

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