10 Remember 9/112011

The DePaul Community on 9/11

By Rima Thompson

PostedTuesday, Aug. 30, 2011

Barbara Schaffer worried about her then son-in-law, who was working at the World Trade Center.

Lawrence Hamer was teaching an early morning marketing class when he learned what happened – and couldn’t believe it.

Paula Dempsey was concerned about DePaul students from the Middle East, and how people may retaliate against them.

And Bob Wachowski had a job to do.

Schaffer, Hamer, Dempsey and Wachowski were all part of the DePaul community on 9/11, when both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses were evacuated after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The campus was impacted in many ways -- safety, communication, concern for family and loved ones and the loss of DePaul alum Todd Beamer, who was aboard United 93.

DePaul community members share their memories of 9/11: 

Todd Beamer Photo (Courtesy Photo)

"I encourage everyone when they happen to think about that phrase, “Let’s Roll,” to remember that it was a call to action to do the right thing in that horrible situation. But, I would ask people when they think about those two words, “Let’s Roll,” that each of us make that the call to action to again do the right thing ..." -- David Beamer on his son, Todd (left), who has an MBA from DePaul

Bob Wachowski Photo

“As first responders, we are trained to handle any credible threat,” Wachowski said. “Public Safety [has] always maintained excellent relations with law enforcement. Today, we work closely with the FBI and Homeland Security."

Barbara Schaffer Photo

“I don’t know if my fears were motivated by her leaving or of her going on the plane. At the time, I wanted to have all my loved ones around me.”

Lawrence Hamer Photo

"There is less fear when people take the time to get to know the sameness and the differences that exist between themselves and others. But, every now and then I find myself looking at how close the planes fly to the [Willis] Tower."

Paula Dempsey Photo

“When I finally accepted that the attacks were real, my first thought was that we were near the [Willis] Tower, and then my attention turned to this young man who was of Middle Eastern descent. He was noticeably nervous about leaving the campus and making it home safely."

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