Chicago speakeasies

Some of the legendary Chicago bars survived Prohibition and are thriving today. (Courtesy photo)

Dia de los Muertos

The celebration took on special meaning this year in Pilsen. (Photo/Ernesto Solano)

Art on the CTA

Take a tour of public art at the city's El stops. (Photo/Crystal Villegas)

The Red Line Project: Read more about the site.

CTA Crime Maps: Search maps of various crimes near CTA lines and stations.
Chicago Marathon 2013: Full coverage of the 2013 race. (Photo/Brianna Kelly)
Chicago Stumbler: The Tumblr blog features some of the city's worst sidewalks. Story
Chicago population

First Stop: Jackson

Population Loss: The Downsizing of Chicago and Illinois

Census numbers don't lie: People are fleeing Chicago neighborhoods -- and the state -- for greener pastures elsewhere. We crunch the data and find out why.

Ramova Theater photo

Second Stop: Jackson

How Chicago is Fighting an Influx of Food Deserts

There are more than 600,000 food insecure people in Cook County alone. Says one official, "It’s more a problem of money than food. It’s also in the neighborhood, because stores aren’t close to people.”

Photo: Michelle Obama and Rahm Emanuel visit Iron Street Farms. (Photo/White House)

Wrigley Field renovations

Third Stop: Addison

Boon, Bust and Baseball: Changes in Wrigleyville


The historic ballpark is undergoing some of its biggest renovations yet. But what does that mean to the neighborhood as the team still basks in the glory of its 2016 World Series championship?

Photo: Wrigley Field and hotel construction. (Photo/Sergio Garcia)