Crumbling Chicago Bridges

Data show Illinois and Chicago are among the leaders in structurally deficient bridges. (Photo/Kelly McGowan)

Haunted Chicago

Take a tour of seven haunted places around the city. (Photo/Elizabeth Stalter)

Rebuilding Chicago

How did the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 influence our city's architecture? (Photo/Wikimedia Commons)

The Red Line Project: Read more about the site.

CTA Crime Maps: Search maps of various crimes near CTA lines and stations.
Chicago Marathon 2013: Full coverage of the 2013 race. (Photo/Brianna Kelly)
Chicago Stumbler: The Tumblr blog features some of the city's worst sidewalks. Story
Chicago population

First Stop: Special Report 

Cook County Unemployment Rate Drops, Yet Many Still Struggle 

Despite U.S. unemployment rates decreasing over the past several years, the number of unemployed still paint a grim picture of Americans who can’t find work. Illinois is no exception.

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Second Stop: Fullerton

 Development Booming in Logan Square,  Latino Neighborhoods

According to public records, a record-high 109 building demolitions permits were issued in Logan Square in 2017, followed by 70 new construction permits. To the newer residents living there, the numbers might not have posed an issue. But to the Latinos who have called Logan Square home for many years, it is a reminder of the neighborhood's changing landscape.

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Third Stop: Chicago

Data: Breaking Down the Rise of Chicago's Craft Breweries

It's no surprise that Chicagoans are ecstatic about new brews in the area, but a new shift in the brewing industry, one that amounts to more than 7.8 percent of the market, leaves many wondering how these breweries attempt to differentiate themselves


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Fourth Stop: Grand

Tour: Chicago's 10 Oldest Restaurants

Al Capone had to eat, too. And where? You can dine at some of the same places the famous gangster did in the city's oldest restaurants.