Finally Over

Bruce Rauner claimed victory, but Pat Quinn took his time conceding. (Photo/Emily Brosious)

Wrigley Demo

Wrigleyville is a construction zone, neighbors react. (Photo/Evan Walter)

Gun Violence

Storify of weekend shootings, homicides. (Photo/Alex Wroblewski)

The Red Line Project: Read more about the site.

CTA Crime Maps: Search maps of various crimes near CTA lines and stations.
Chicago Marathon 2013: Full coverage of the 2013 race. (Photo/Brianna Kelly)
Chicago Stumbler: The Tumblr blog features some of the city's worst sidewalks. Story
The Wieners Circle Photo

First Stop: Chicago

A Look Inside Chicago's Foodie Culture

From The Wieners Circle to fine dining, you can learn a lot about Chicagoans over a meal. Using Google Glass and other wearable tech, our mobile reporting team examines the city's love affair with food.

Photo: You can order a hot dog or burger -- and be insulted by the cashier -- at The Wieners Circle. (Photo/Delaney Lux)

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Dominique Mitchell Photo

Second Stop: Monroe

Ambassadors Helping Keep Homeless in the Loop

Street Team Ambassadors, a 1-year-old program started by the Chicago Loop Alliance, is helping keep an eye on the homeless downtown while also providing guidance for tourists.

Photo: Street Team Ambassador Dominique Mitchell on patrol in Chicago's Loop. (Photo/Joseph Troiano)

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Clifford Covington Photo

Third Stop: Harrison

Sweet Beginnings Helps Ex-Cons Turn Life Around

Clifford Covington left prison after 11 years and started searching for a future. Then he found the Sweet Beginnings program, and life got a lot better.

Photo: Clifford Covington inspects a bee hive. (Photo/Jill Wallace)

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