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Thompson Center Art Photo

First Stop: Lake

When Chicago's Public Art Isn't ... Public

The Thompson Center features many pieces of public art, including paintings and sculptures. But there's some public art you can't see. What do the artists think? Related:

Photo: This piece in the Thompson Center is public. But there are many pieces on floors that the public can't access. (Photo/Alexandra Oswald)

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<Dominique Mitchell Photo

Second Stop: Monroe

Ambassadors Helping Keep Homeless in the Loop

Street Team Ambassadors, a 1-year-old program started by the Chicago Loop Alliance, is helping keep an eye on the homeless downtown while also providing guidance for tourists.

Photo: Street Team Ambassador Dominique Mitchell on patrol in Chicago's Loop. (Photo/Joseph Troiano)

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Nik Wallenda Photo

Third Stop: Grand

Storify: Social Media Coverage of Nik Wallenda Tightrope Walk

Nik Wallenda made it. He walked across a tightrope high above the Chicago River, then did it blindfolded between the two Marina Towers. And Twitter went wild.

Photo: Nik Wallenda takes questions at a pre-event press conference. (Photo/Teresa Garcia Alonso)

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