First Stop: Gun Violence

Map: 2013 Homicides by Police Precinct

This searchable map tracks Chicago homicides through the first six months of 2013 by police precinct. Search by victim's age or location. Related:

Credits: RedEye's homicide tracker, the City Data Portal and Derek Eder's searchable map template.

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Neighbor Carts Photo

Second Stop: Wilson

Neighbor Carts Work to Fill Gaps in Food Deserts

Food carts have been around for centuries. But a new approach -- with many located off Red Line stops -- is bringing fresh food to those who need it the most.

Photo: Fruit stacked up on a Neighbor Cart. (Photo/Gabriel Charles Tyler)

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Ventra Photo

Third Stop: Cermak/Chinatown

Red Line South, Ventra Show Wins, Losses for the CTA

The CTA enjoyed a big success with the reopening of the Red Line South Branch in late October. But then the Ventra disaster occurred on Nov. 13. Related:

 Photo: A DePaul student goes to swipe his Ventra card at the Jackson stop. (Photo/Andrew Rodriguez)

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